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Shree Venkateshwara Astro practices evolutionary astrology - which uncovers the soul lessons and evolution through the birth chart - including the unresolved karmic pattern you were born with and how you might still be living with this habitual shadow side. Our expert is proficient in curing plights with spiritual and holistic tools. Join us, to help you evolve and not repeat.

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Astrology is the supreme kingdom of clarity, a support to our understanding of all that is written above, and a means to foresee even more. Its importance cannot be expressed in few lines. To put it simply, it assists us in making the most of our lives by providing us a star map of our birth, and through that map and with help of a skilled astrologer, we will be able to decode the clues of the galactic prophecy for us.

Education and Career Prospect

Planets always have their own effect on each native in education and career choices we make. Not all of it are very fruitful. In Vedic Astrology, there are some combinations available which are co-ordinated with the birth chart, to render positive consequences.

Financial Troubles

In this era, both being and not being affluent is a great deal of problem, for which past karma has a lot of say in it. The Vedic astrology, implements celestial laws to bestow wealth and riches to the native; and also provides presage to those who are trobled by opulent lifestyle.

Love / Relationship Problem

Vedic astrology provides stable solutions for relationship troubles. There are several areas which offer an adequate set of info about why the natives face so much stress and problems in their love life and what might be the planetary remedies they can follow to overcome such issues and enjoy a harmonious love life.

Business Hiccups

Different sets of planetary situations and lethal combinations of planets in a persons life leads to business and trade relations. The Veda provides study of the topsy-turvy influence of planets in isolation, in order to conclude the reasons for bane in business, which leads to downfall of the native in certain ways. Our major clients include well-established entrepreneurs, who have sought inliking of our expert to smoothen their business run with sustainability and growth.


Spiritual hygiene is as important as Physical hygiene. There are rips in our aura due to negative energies, which cause us feel significant energy loss, psychic vulnerability, physical and emotional pain, stagnation and health problems at times. Our expert treat these energy debris by aligning the chakras and/or meridians of our aura, which helps to cure the negative influence on us, that are sometimes not even our own.

Vaastu Shashtra

A proper house to live is a prime necessity of every creature in this world. Even the God if descends on Earth, needs to live in a house. 'Vaastu' literally means, a house or dwelling place. Vaastu Shasthtra is a sublime elucidation of our surrounding and their influence on our life. Its principle is implemented to create harmony between the fine elements, viz., earth, air, fire, water and sky.

Vedic Gemstones

During the birth of an ascendant the planet which is most debilitated or weak or influenced by the vengeful planets causing obstructions in their personal and professional life. Our expert, offer different types of original gemstones which have been founded from the seas or forests and each of them corresponds to different planets and are identified to possess enrich properties that will help to resolve different problems. All the stones offered are tested and provided with purity certification.


Pooja is the Hindu ritual of worshiping God in a systematic manner as prescribed in the Vedic scriptures. Hindu mantras and chants play key role in pooja. An idol or pictures or symbol of the deity is kept and worshiped by chanting the hindu mantras & verses. The various names of the deity and the hindu mantras are recited according to the salvation or desired objective a person wants to seek from HIM. The recitals can range to n number of time and the pooja paraphernalia depends on the same. The duration of pooja is determined based on the recites that are undertaken.

Vedic Artefacts

When one or more planets in a natives horoscope becomes debilitated, combust, conjunct or malefic, it gives gnarly results; which cannot be merely controlled by stones and crystals. Our expert, undertakes to perform mantra, tantra, yantra, japa and provide articles activated with divine powers which is to be kept intact and along with themselves. These objects and ornaments, possess robust superpowers which indeed helps a person to overcome all the misfortune and fix them for good. These items have 99.9% success rate as they possess the capability of granting wishes, if and only worn with pure intention and faith.

There is no better boat than astrology to help a man cross over the sea of life.

Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you. Trust It. Affirm It. We all live in belief system.

Our Experts

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Pattanayak is one of the most well know astrologer in India, based on Chhattisgarh State, and have earned a reputation for being accurate and honest with his clients. Having more than 20 years of experience in Vedic astrology, he is highly competent to give a permanent solution to various critical issues that often disturbs our daily life. His knowledge over the domain of Vedic astrology has earned his huge acclamation across the nation. Astrology is the oldest form of all sciences. Self-introspection is thus necessary if one wants to incorporate all the positive powers into one's life. When we talk about various famous astrologer in India and abroad, Mr. Dinesh Kumar's name invariably tops the list. He has mastered over subjects like Career, Marriage, Business, Education, Legal problem, Love affairs, Vaastu problem, Conjugate problem and many more. He has specialized in KP Astrology also apart from being well versed in Vedic Astrology. His predictions are made of an innovative blending of KP and Vedic Astrology. He is also an expert in palm reading and his thinking of Thumb Chakra, Finger Chakra and Palm chakra reading increases his prediction accuracy up to 99 % putting his right at the top in the list.

He has also done many miracle works with the help of spiritual power, like remove negative energy and give extreme relief to his clients. He gives hopes to his client and perfect path to follow. To get the best result through Tantra, for occasions like marriage, legal issues, career, business, education etc, he has proven himself the best hope.

Apart from that, he is one of the top Vaastu astrologer consultants in India and Abroad associated with many famous multinational real estate companies to give them professional support for their elite class clientele.

We all are bothered by the failures in our life and that takes a toll on our emotional health. His astrological solutions undeniably ensure an optimistic result.
He has a huge client base across the country and 99% of them are repeated and satisfied clients. As one can tell from the reviews, that his readings hold no punches and have a 'tell it like it is' reputation and that's what makes our clients feel like talking to a friend. He takes time to address everything he can say and yes, sometimes we go over our time, but that's apart of being a spiritual healer. Understanding the person you're with, and that can't always be limited to the confines that a clock produces. The one thing that brought him here is the unbelievable talent and desire for helping others through various style of divination.

Our Products

Following are the images of the yantras prescribed to individuals according to their needs and objectives. They may vary from person to person depending on their utility. All the photos and videos are property of the owner of website and are used for demonstration purpose. Please do not use it for commercial purposes.

Our Best Selling Products

Salubrity Talisman

Talisman for Health with Sacred Oil is made for improvement in health or any severe health issue. It even has the power to cure and get rid of pain in any particular area of our body. It is confined with the power of Mahamritunjaya and Dhanwantari (God of medicine) which gives you immediate solution for your ailments. It also improves the health, if caused by any evil power and neutralises the bad effect of the planets, astrologically causing disruptions in your health. It comes with a special enlivened magical oil to apply in intricated area.

Bulwark Amulet

As the name suggests, this amulet act as a defensive wall, or in other words is a protection sheild, designed by one of the most powerful and sacred saint who had practiced various types of SIDDHIS (which means having spiritual powers), incorporated in this amulet. It also includes various holy herbs, which is only found in deserted regions of India.This Protection amulet provides full protection from all types negativity like black magic, evil eye, enemies, ghost, psychic attacks and more. It helps you in cutting down all the fragments that are taking you down, and indeed helps you to execute in the path of success, wealth, managerialism, attractiveness and a personality that is engaging.

Bagalamukhi Kavach

It is one of the most distinctive and robust Kavach designed to protect a person from enemies and destroy all the oppositions. This Kavach amulet is especially effective for success in judicature issues. Auspicious days are designated for energizing the yantras and feeding it in the periapt, which are mostly Holi, Diwali and eclipses. Special ink and pen having sacred significance are used to prepare the yantra on bhoj-patra (birch bark). We will be preparing this amulet, on upcoming holi festival, since they are the most demanded product in our feature. It has succession rate of 98%. It is essential elements with combination of spells, makes the holder very influential, making others plaint and agreeable with you. It should be worn in gold or yellow thread, which will automatically subdue the opposition. It also remove any type of psychic attack and black magic. Special japa and yagna is performed to give capability to the kavach. The pendant kavach shape and size may differ according to the utility of the buyer.

Dhanlakshmi Amulet

Dhanalakshmi is Hindu goddess of money and wealth. By having this amulet the person always posses deep pockets. It apprises new sources of income and wealth by changing your misfortune to prosperity. This talisman has immense power to change human fate. One can never walk down the ladder of his or her success. If you are in any profession or service, it provides you promotion and enhance your income to ultimate level. It also enhances your business scope, if you are into proprietorship and removes recurring obstacles from your professional life.

Wealth Profusion Talisman

This talisman for money is created with very powerful combination of herbs which have supernatural power to solve all type of monetary issues. It also removes evil eye that is causing disarray in cash inflow of your trade. If you are in debt or not able to collect your lending from others, the yantra confined in this talisman will assist you with these problems. For an already established entrepreneur, it helps in expanding your business. If you are planning to open up a new business but your circumstances aren not favorable, then this will help to execute your plan and remove obstacles in your path.For people seeking job opportunities, it will help you find placement. You will come in contact with rich people . It enhances your luck power in gambling,lottery, share market or any other speculative activities. It is to be kept intact in your pocketbook, wrapped in a black cloth.

Khodamic Stone

This is a rarest stone having supernatural powers which can be commanded . It provide the acquirer luck, money, healing and good health and protection from all the negativity. This comes in form of pendant or ring, which can be worn, as per the buyers preference.The colour and shape may vary as per availability.

Chamunda shakti oil

Chamunda shakti oil is specially prepared with blend of 7 types of powerful herbs which has power of Chamunda Devi. It can be used to ward off all negative entities. It is mostly used to increase attraction power.It can be also used for healing and cleanse of chakras.


Wishmaster is a genei , with spiritual power to solve all your problems.It belong to Brahmin family and has a pigtail .It is said he has all sacred text knowledge He guides you throughout your life, protect you from uncertainity of any kind and evil eye. If you have any problem in business , he can solve it with ease , If your shop is not running , customers are not coming,he will attract customers for you. What ever your wish is, just let him know, although it should be pure and not evil. If you have problem in workplace, he got you. Be it any field, he is going to make it your A game.This talisman can be made only on very auspicious day . So if you want to place the order let us know in advance. It might cost you an arm and leg, but trust us, it is "Value for money".

Spell Of Love

This love spell talisman has very powerful spell to attract somebody towards you, bringing the person so close that they want you more than their next breath. It has powerful hypnotism spell.This powerful love spell talisman hold the high grade of super natural power and it very easy to use it . It also can be used by the person to find the perfect life partner. It also includes magical love oil.

Kailasha Pearl

Found from a sidh yogi from Mt kailash ( where Lord Shiva resides). It is said that this pearl was gifted to him while he was indulged in deep meditation, by Lord Shiva himself, who was impressed by his dedication. Small fragments of this pearl is attached in the talisman, which makes it naturally powerful. It is one of the rarest item which gives a person all sort of comforts in his life. It helps in attaining peace and connectivity with all types of spiritual power available in this universe . Nobody can cause any disturbance to the persons life if this is kept intact with him/her.

Libido Apotropaic

This talisman is empowered to increase sex power, and to prevent from premature ejaculation or to reach orgasm. At times, even an aphrodisiac doesn not work for you. This will help you with all your sexual desires and issues. By using this talisman one can heal their sex diseases and improve their sex life.You can tie it around your arm or waist.

Serpent Pearl

The serpent pear is obtained from Sheshnag, i.e. king of all snakes, which benefits in removal of all sort of curse and evil influence. It enhances the appeal of a person, and helps them in dominating others. Attracts luck; improves business/sales; attracts good crowd ,customers;improves social life; prosperity; wealth; increases charisma, personal magnetism, and authoritative bearing; Political influence ,wards-off negative energies, black magic, and psychic attacks; wards-off negative spirits; source of raw magical energies; general protection; and removes mental health issues. No evil energy can attack if this is along. Rarest of rarest natural thing, that exist in this planet. Succession rate is 100% guaranteed. Although expensive but worthy.

Hanuman Amulet

Hanuman gada is the armour of Hindu god hanuman; it is very powerful tool for protection again any evil power and to get rid of enemies. This talisman is specially prepared from ancient vedic scripture. It is said that, by just pronouncing the Lord hanuman name we get rid of all negative debris around us. It sends all black magic or negative influence back to the culprit. It also removes all sort of bandhan prayog done on us or on our business. It also enhances our luck power and provides us wealth and money. It helps in getting things done and getting by easily.

Shri Rudhra

Shri rudhra , is assembled with supernatural power derived from sacred element obtained from Hindu God Lord Shiva, who is said to have Fierceness and frightening mood which act as a terror to all enemies and evil power around the world.Lord Shiva is also called the Lord of Universe. All God and Goddess of this Universe come under Him, thus making him one of the superior deity of all 100 crore Hindu gods and goddesses. This talisman is specially made in burial site, which is one of the many places he reside. Burial site is one of the purest place that exist in the earth, and the belief that it is a place of negativity, could not be any more wrong. All power of Maharudra is infused in this talisman by following a very difficult ritual, which can costs a life, as the Lord is difficult to impress, to grant such vast power. It is done by very powerful Yogi Saints in Himalayan region. He performs the ritual without consuming a single drop o water and food, to please Lord Rudhra. The Lord descends in chaya roop(form) and bless the talisman with His power .It take around 15 days to 20 days to prepare this talisman. Since Lord Rudhrais also known as Mahamritunjaya. This talisman saves the person from Aakal Mrityu(sudden death) and can improve health drastically. We need the name and birth details to prepare this talisman.

Shark Power Amulet

This HIGH GRADE Shark Power talisman contains the power of giant sea Shark in natural way. Shark has cerebral capability that masters in manipulating other bodies and survive with its own ability. It make you gain victory in every field, making you brave and bold . It provides you protection against any evil power around the world , it make you calculative , perceptive, primal , instinctive ,powerful, focused, dynamic, curious, attractive , innovative , superior , efficient , connect with you from spiritual world and provide you unique vision and make you rich and famous. Gives you courage to face any situation in life and helps you in solving it .As it enhance the memory power, it also provides very good academic results. In ancient times, this power was used by the Kings for victory and triumph of their reign. It is fully activated and energised with powerful technique provided by vedic text.(Best Selling and Highly Recommended talisman amulet).

Wishful Serpant Pearl

Wishful seprent pearl, is a pearl derived from Ichadhari (Wishful) snake, having significance of is a Rebirth, Wisdom, Miracle, the Appeal Of Charm, Love And Sexuality. Supports in the Progress Of Business, Prosperity, Charisma, Life Harmony, Creativity, Personal Magnetism, Power of Healing, Luck, Authority, Strength Grace, and long life. This money is mostly purchased by money made persons. It is one of the rarest and unique find, weighing around 100 grams, and is oval shaped. There is an old Indian saying for Ichadhari Nagmani/ Wishful Serpent Pearl, i.e. "You can become a millionaire easily, but you need Nagmani to become a billionaire"

Brahmastra Stone

As described in Puranas, Brahmastra is considered the deadliest weapon. It cannot be acquired by everyone; only the person having it written in their fate can occupy this. Very few people posessed brahmastra according to the Hindu scripture; some of them are Bhishma, Arjuna, Ashwatthama, Drona and Karna. In present era, it is analogous to the nuclear weapon. This stone has natural significance of brahmastra, which acts as saviour from any sort of negative entities weather it spiritual or any physical, concluding that nobody can harm the aquirer by any means. Since, it possess high level of supernatural power, it takes time to get activated by Siddhis. Should you widh to purchase the product, post us in advance.

Our Rare Vedic Products

Talisman for Attraction & Beauty

Mahachandi Power Talisman with Silver Box

Tiger Eye Talisman Stone

Home Protection Talisman

Varah Power Amulet

Bajra Shakti / Thunderstorm Stone

Mahakali Amulet

Black Magic Removal Fire Ceremony

Mohini Talisman

Navchandi Magical Bracelet


Laxmi Kuber Talisman

Dev Mani


Mahashakti Stone for Vashikaran

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