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About Shree Venkateswara Astro Solutions

Venkateswar Swamy Have been studying Astrology from the childhood days. Learnt Basic Knowledge of Astrology from Chakardhar Pandit and B.V Raman since childhood days. It's because of kind guidance of David Frawley with whom Venkateswar Swamy spent 21 yrs of working experience and 18 golden years of learning experience with Bejan Daruwala. Venkateswar Swamy is having an in-depth knowledge of astrological calculations. Venkateswar Swamy is a researcher in the field of astrology as he strongly believes that astrology is a vast subject where one needs to do thorough studying. He deals with all such critical cases of his clients and try to find out the most effective solutions to their problems. Having clients worldwide from countries like USA Singapore UAE and Europe. Studied and Research from American Federation of Astrologers, USA and Faculty of Astrological Studies London, still working for them. He deals with the cases of Entrepreneurs, Business Tycoons, and Many renowned politicians. He's a strong devotee of Lord Vishnu. Vast knowledge of Vedas, Upanishad, Puran and Bhagavatam he did many Sadhnas to enlighten his inner power. Earlier working in an MNC but interest to serve the people & society bound him to quit his job and forced him to enter this field of astrology where he feels mental satisfaction by providing service to people through his rich source of knowledge."His belief is let your work speak about you for that he never likes to be highlighted".

Having more than 29 years of practical experience in Astrology and Vastu. Analyze Horoscopes Scientifically, Predicts the future and guide about the ultimate solutions for the prevailing problems of the clients. He is a well known Business Counselor.He believe if time doesn't favour then also by spirituality and strong positive thoughts one can change the situation. He has learnt astrological course from abroad and attended many seminars but still he strongly believe in Vedic Astrology. Various followers from different parts of India daily connect with him to attain spiritual goals and inner peace in their day to day life.